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Date 2022Red BarnBlue Barn
July: 23rd-30thBOOKEDBOOKED
July: 30th-6th AugBOOKEDBOOKED
August: 6th-13thBOOKEDBOOKED
August: 13th-20thBOOKEDBOOKED
Augsut: 20th-27thBOOKEDBOOKED
Augsut: 27th-3rd SeptBOOKEDBOOKED
September: 3rd-10thBOOKEDBOOKED
September: 10th-17thBOOKEDBOOKED
September: 17th-24thBOOKEDBOOKED
September: 24th-1st OctBOOKEDBOOKED
October: 1st-8thBOOKEDBOOKED
October: 8th-15thBOOKEDBOOKED
October: 15th-22ndBOOKEDBOOKED
October: 22nd-29th£850£850
October: 29th-5th Nov£850£850
November: 5th-12th£600£600
November: 12th-19thBOOKEDBOOKED
November: 19th-26th£475£475
November: 26th-3rd Dec£475£475
December: 3rd-10th£475£475
December: 10th-17th£475£475
December: 17th-22nd£700£700
December: 22nd-29thBOOKEDBOOKED
December: 29th-5th Jan£999BOOKED
Date 2022HideawayRose Barn
August: 5th-12thBOOKEDBOOKED
August: 12th-19thBOOKEDBOOKED
Augsut: 19th-26thBOOKEDBOOKED
Augsut: 26th-2nd SeptBOOKEDBOOKED
September: 2nd-9thBOOKEDBOOKED
September: 9th-16thBOOKEDBOOKED
September: 16th-23rdBOOKEDBOOKED
September: 23rd-30thBOOKED£700
September: 30th-7th OctBOOKEDBOOKED
October: 7th-14thBOOKEDBOOKED
October: 14th-21stBOOKEDBOOKED
October: 21st-28thBOOKEDBOOKED
October: 28th-4th Nov£750BOOKED
November: 4th-11thBOOKEDBOOKED
November: 11th-18thBOOKEDBOOKED
November: 18th-25th£425£425
November: 25th-2nd DecBOOKED£425
December: 2nd-9th£425£425
December: 9th-16th£425£425
December: 16th-23rd£650£650
December: .30th-6th Jan£900£900


Date 2023 Red Barn Blue Barn
Jan. 7th-14th£490£490
Jan. 14th-21st£490 £490
Jan. 21st-28th£490 £490
Jan. 28th-4th Feb£490 £490
Feb. 4th-11th£490£490
Feb. 11th-18th£610£610
Feb. 18th-25th£610£610
Feb. 25th-4th March£490£490
March. 4th-11th£490£490
March. 11th-18th£490BOOKED
March. 18th-25th£490BOOKED
March. 25th-1st AprilBOOKEDBOOKED
April. 1st-8th£650£650
April. 8th-15thBOOKEDBOOKED
April. 15th-22nd£575£575
April. 22nd-29th£575£575
April. 29th-6th MayBOOKED£600
May. 6th-13th£650 BOOKED
May.13th-20th£700 BOOKED
May. 20th-27th£700 £700
May. 27th-3rd June£805BOOKED
June. 3rd-10th£750£750
June. 10th-17th£750BOOKED
June. 17th-24th£800£800
June. 24th-1st July£850£850
July. 1st-8th£925£925
July. 8th-15th£999BOOKED
July. 15th-22nd£1,050BOOKED
July. 22nd-29thBOOKED£1,050
July. 29th-5th AugBOOKEDBOOKED
Aug. 5th-12th£1,050£1,050
Aug. 12th-19th£1,050£1,050
Aug. 19th-26th£1,050£1,050
Aug. 26th-2nd Sept£1,050£1,050
Sept. 2nd-9th£820£820
Sept. 9th-16th£790£970
Sept. 16th-23rd£775£775
Sept. 23rd-30th£775£775
Sept. 30th-7th Oct£675£675
Oct. 7th-14th£675£675
Oct. 14th-21st£650£650
Oct. 21st-28th£875£875
Oct. 28th-4th Nov£875£875
Nov. 4th-11th£490£490
Nov. 11th-18th£490 £490
Nov. 18th-25th£490 £490
Nov. 25th-2nd Dec£490 £490
Dec. 2nd-9th £490 £490
Dec. 9th-16th£490 £490
Dec. 16th-23rd£725£725
Dec. 23rd-30th£999£999
Dec. 30th-6th Jan£999£999
Date 2023 Hideaway Rose Barn
Jan. 6th-13th£450£450
Jan. 13th-20th£450£450
Jan. 20th-27th£450£450
Jan. 27th-3rd Feb£450£450
Feb. 3rd-10th£450£450
Feb. 10th-17th£540£540
Feb. 17th-24th£540£540
Feb. 24th-3rd MarchBOOKED£450
March. 3rd-10th£450£450
March. 17th-24th£450£450
March. 24th-31st£450£450
March. 31st-7th April£575£575
April. 7th-14thBOOKEDBOOKED
April. 14th-21st£530£530
April. 21st-28th£530£530
April. 28th-5th MayBOOKED£530
May. 5th-12thBOOKED£600
May. 12th – 19thBOOKEDBOOKED
May. 19th – 26th£650£650
May. 26th-2nd June£730£730
June. 2nd-9th£725BOOKED
June. 9th-16th£725BOOKED
June. 16th-23rd£725£725
June. 23rd-30thBOOKED£750
June. 30th-7th July£875£875
July. 7th-14th£975£975
July. 14th-21st£975£975
July. 21st-28th£999£999
July. 28th- 4th Aug£999£999
Aug. 4th-11th£999£999
Aug. 11th-18th£999£999
Aug. 18th-25th£999£999
Aug. 25th-1st Sept£999£999
Sept. 1st-8th£700£700
Sept. 8th-15th£650£650
Sept. 15th-22nd£650£650
Sept. 22nd-29th£625£625
Sept. 29th-6th Oct£625£625
Oct. 6th-13thBOOKED£590
Oct. 13th-20th BOOKED£575
Oct. 20th-27th£775£775
Oct. 27th-3rd Nov£775£775
Nov. 3rd-10thBOOKED£450
Nov. 10th-17th£450 £450
Nov. 17th-24th£450 £450
Nov. 24th-1st Dec£450 £450
Dec. 1st-8th£450 £450
Dec. 8th-15th£450 £450
Dec. 15th-22nd£675£675
Dec. 22nd-29th£925£925
Dec. 29th-5th Jan£925£925

Contact us for our Special Offers on out of season and short stay dog friendly breaks in Cornwall during: January, February, November & December.

Repeat visitors can take advantage of discounted rates

* All prices include electricity, towels and bedding linen

* Change over days for the Red and Blue Barns are Saturdays, the Rose Barn and The Hideaway changover on a Friday (The cottages must by vacated by 9.30am and are available for arrival from 4.30pm).

* Dogs are allowed at a surcharge of £15 extra per dog.

* Cots are available on request (must be made prior to your holiday) and are £10

Check out our Availability or Contact us today to book your dog friendly holiday in Cornwall